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News and Events
Date: 31.10.2018   

            The “Verbina” Public Association, with the financial support of the IM Swedish Development Partner, has developed a "Teaching Support in the Individualization of the Reading and Writing Process for Children with Special Educational Needs", within the project "Developing an Inclusive Education Model for Children with Severe Intellectual Disabilities”.

           The teaching support is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Concept on the individualization of the educational process through curricular adaptations and the Methodological Guide Individualization of the educational process through curricular adaptations, documents approved by the MECR through Order no. 761 from August 01, 2017, and comes to support the teacher, the support teacher (CDS), the parent and other specialists engaged in the process of teaching reading and writing of children with special educational needs.

This work is applied as a support in the design of reading and writing teaching activities, both in full and sequentially, depending on the child's intellectual potential and needs. Tasks can be done with the whole class, in pairs, in groups or individually in order to enhance individualization possibilities.

           Scopul Suportului didactic este conturarea unei viziuni de ansamblu asupra individualizării procesului de învățare a cititului și a scrisului și familiarizarea cadrelor didactice cu modalități de adaptare a sarcinilor pentru copilul cu cerințe educaționale speciale în contexte comune de învățare, ținând cont de natura dificultăților cu care se confruntă prin asigurarea progresului în dezvoltarea copilului cu cerințe educaționale speciale în funcție de potențial.  

The purpose of the Teaching Support is to outline an overview of the individualisation of the teaching process of reading and writing, and to familiarize teachers with ways of adapting tasks for children with special educational needs in common learning contexts, taking into account the nature of the difficulties they face by ensuring progress in developing the child with special educational needs according to their potential.

The teaching support can be downloaded here:





News and Events

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