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Date Bancare

Full details of beneficiary:

Name: AO Verbina

Address: Sucevita 31/72  Str

Postcode / Area code:  MD-2051

Town: Chisinau

Country: Republic of  Moldova


Full details of the bank into which the grant is to be paid:

Name of the bank: BC “Victoriabank” SA

Address of the bank: 31 August 141 Str

Town: Chisinau

Postcode / Area code: MD-2004

Country: Republic of Moldova

Swift code:  VICBMD2X

IBAN in Moldova: MD44VI000222401700105086


And/or other relevant codes:

Details of the account holder at this bank

IBAN:  MD41VI225100000105086 MDL

 IBAN: MD57VI000000022518031223 USD

IBAN:  MD44VI000222401700105086 EUR

Fiscal code:  33453012

Exact name of account holder: AO Verbina

Address of account holder: Sucevita  31/72  Str

Postcode/Area code: MD-2051

Country: Republic of Moldova

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