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Capacity Building Program

Ceaseless professional training provides access to the newest science and cultural achievements for our citizens. It helps them better involve within their work and make it more efficient. It is important for our professionals to have good, developed skills in order to manage within constantly changing social and economic conditions.

Public – Civil Society Partnerships within Disability Field Program

Unification of efforts of workers active in the field of children with disabilities protection became a real chance for representatives of the civil society and beneficiaries of Public Association “Verbina” to have a permanent dialog with central and local state bodies, as well as, international organizations.

Youth Program

At present, the most important things to be done in the Republic of Moldova are re-establishment of the population’s trust into Government’s and Parliament’s actions, re-establishment of the population’s trust into a country with decent living and working conditions, bringing the economy on a path of growth as well as creating conditions for a sustainable economy.

Social and Health Program

This program supports development of functional models of social and health services that are integrated and managed on local and national level. This is done in order to improve access to healthcare and social services especially for disadvantaged population. Also, for the same purpose, we look for establishment of a good collaboration between health and social community services.


Association “Verbina”, officially registered on August 24, 2004, is a non-governmental organization established with the aim to support disadvantaged persons. Association “Verbina” is non-for-profit and non-political. It is a juridical entity. Association “Verbina” has a separate balance sheet, bank accounts, including in foreign currency.

NGO “Verbina” carries out training activities for human resources qualified in the social, educational, and health fields, with the application and implementation of innovative programs for the benefit of the public and disadvantaged children. It designates 2% of your income tax to NGO “Verbina”.

Association “Verbina” was created for an unlimited period of time and operates all over the Republic of Moldova, including Transnistria.

The Association has the right to establish branches, institutions and departments.

Association “Verbina” works with state bodies, civil society organizations, national and international organizations. It operates in the Republic of Moldova in order to develop alternative services to those provided by State.

The major aim of the NGO "Verbina" is strengthening capacities of civil servants and civil society actors in the Republic of Moldova, who actively engage in promoting the rights of socially disadvantaged persons and young people and implementing initiatives related to their interest.

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News and Events
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